Barnyard fence


Perfect for any rural farm scene where you need to keep the cows off the railroad tracks and in the pasture. Kit includes four 38-scale-foot strips of barnyard fence and fence bracing plus two gates for a total of 176 scale feet of fence. Made of micro plywood. Instructions included.

Car shop


Car shops evolved into longer, specialized structures dedicated to freight or passenger car repairs. Several tracks ran the entire length of the building so cars could be moved quickly between workstations handling trucks, brakes, interiors and other appliances.

HO Car Shop Kit

DeWitt Clinton Historic Train set


Here’s a rolling lesson in American history that will delight anyone with an interest in railroading. This unique model is based on the “De Witt Clinton,” one of the first steam engines constructed in America in 1831.

Durango & Silverton train set N scale


Built originally as a mining line, the scenic value of the Durango & Silverton was quickly recognized in passenger service.After surviving natural disasters, wars, and financial instability, a determined staff (and starring roles in several Hollywood movies) promoted the tourism that ensures the line’s survival to this day. Now recognized as a National Historic Landmark and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, the Durango & Silverton continues to provide year-round tourist service

George Roberts Printing Company


George Roberts Printing Inc. produces everything from magazines to newspaper ad inserts. It’s the kind of industry every layout needs: big enough to look right, small enough to fit and packed with realism.

HO George Roberts Printing Kit

Interlocking tower


One of the most important buildings alongside any railroad, interlocking towers controlled signals and switches at sidings, junctions, drawbridges, yards and station terminals. In use from the early 1900s until computers took over in the 1980s, a few are still standing.

HO Interlocking tower Kit

Pacific Flyer Train set Union Pacific


Assembly and breakdown of trains in the railway yard is tough work, but this 0-6-0 steam switcher is ready to get the job done. Assemble your consist, clear the yard and move your freight to its final destination with the Pacific Flyer! Watch the video below to see the set in action!